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A Local's Guide to Sightseeing in your Town!

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

While traveling abroad we at Discount Tix SF always found ourselves doing tours as a way to experience a new place. After years of only doing tours when we traveled, we eventually decided to try some tours in our own city, and boy were we surprised! We learned so many new and interesting facts about our own city. Doing a double-decker city tour was actually so much fun! Sitting on top of the bus, seeing the city from a different vantage point, and learning some history along the way was surprisingly enjoyable. We especially liked the fact that you’re able to pick and choose which of the many different districts you wanted to get off at and explore at your own pace. Another bus will come around and pick you up where you got off, approximately every 30 min, which gives you the option to take a few photos, grab a coffee and get back on the bus, or walk around for a few hours if you like. Buses run all day, and always pick up at the designated stops. This whole experience makes for a great day out exploring your own city!

Another tour we highly suggested trying out is something on the water. In our city, this would be a Bay Cruise. San Francisco Bay Cruises have a frequent schedule in the spring and summer months, and really makes for a fun and unique experience! Most Bay Cruise Tours are only 1 hour long, so only minimal planning is needed to get out on the bay! The price is reasonable (Discount cruise tickets can be found at, and the photo/video opportunities are spectacular! How often is it that you get the opportunity to cruise directly underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, and then close-up to Alcatraz Island? The clean fresh air from the Pacific Ocean, along with the gorgeous views of the city skyline, makes for a very nice outing that many may never get to experience in their own area.

Although there are many tours to explore in most cities, we highly suggest doing a wine country tour in your area. Most wine tours begin in the morning where you’ll meet the tour operator at their starting point, and then take a picturesque drive to the local wine region. We especially love doing wine tours because it eliminates any issue with driving while consuming copious amounts of delicious small-batch wine! As a matter of fact, we prefer to only take a tour when visiting wine country after knowing what we now know. In our area, the tours mostly focus on the Napa and Sonoma Valley regions and offer so many different varieties and flavors along the way. For some reason, the photos always seem to look amazing when shooting at the various wineries and open roads along the way. Most wine tours have you back in your area before dinner time, where many of us will end up taking a “Wine Nap”, while some are able to continue on and drink that bottle of wine they purchased with their dinner that night. Whatever your preference, wine country never seems to disappoint!

Next time you find yourself bored or looking for something new and exciting to do in your local area, consider doing a tour! We can almost guarantee that you’ll enjoy the experience and learn something along the way, and if nothing else, you’ll be helping out a local business in your area. Try a tour, you won’t regret it!

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